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Here you will find the latest eSIM news from all over the world!

Günstige eSIM Handys.png

Cheap eSIM phones tested


The year is 2024 and the most advanced SIM technology in the world is becoming affordable. So affordable that Fabian von Thun from the CHIP editorial team has taken a close look at the new mid-range smartphones from various manufacturers and compiled the best mid-range models in a test report. The best reading for anyone who wants to put an end to "mobile communications à la carte"!

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Roaming Moneyland Artikel.png

Cheap internet while travelling thanks to eSIM


With the arrival of spring , many people travel far away and with every trip comes the familiar question of roaming costs. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler compared the roaming prices of Swiss mobile phone providers for Moneyland and at the same time gives helpful tips on how to avoid high roaming charges thanks to eSIM. A detailed, customer-oriented and helpful article that we can wholeheartedly recommend to all those who love to travel!

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eSIM Trend.png

Mobile data from the bank or the VPN provider: This is behind the trend


It's no longer just mobile phone providers that sell mobile data. With the increasing popularity of eSIM-enabled smartphones, more and more other industries are jumping on the bandwagon. The Trending Topics editorial team took a closer look and discovered something interesting! In your article you take up the trend and show who is behind it and what the new providers are aiming for .

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NordVPN soon with its own eSIM service?


The popular VPN provider NordVPN plans to add a global eSIM service to its offering. The new service will be called “Saily” and will suggest affordable data tariffs to NordVPN users worldwide. It is currently unclear whether and how these can be booked via NordVPN. The editorial team of have summarized all the important information about the NordVPN announcement in one article.

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Will the first MacBook with eSIM arrive in 2028?


Many Apple fans have been waiting for a MacBook with a 5G modem for a long time. If you believe an insider report from Bloomberg, it could happen around 2028. Apple has been working on its own 5G modem for the iPhone for a long time and after the phones it should finally be ready for the MacBooks too! The editorial team at classifies the information in more detail in a current article.

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eBike 2.png

Smart e-bikes: Bluetooth or eSIM?


Smart e-bikes basically come in two versions: Bluetooth-only or with eSIM. For many potential buyers, the legitimate question arises: What is needed and what are the advantages of the respective equipment? The editorial staff von has written an interesting and insightful article about this and provides some examples of the smartest e-bikes on the market!

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Google Pixel 8 Pro.png

Breaking News: The Pixel 8 Pro supports eSIM transfer!


The feature came as a surprise. Apparently the first users of the Pixel 8 Pro have noticed that the new Google flagship masters both eSIM transfer and the conversion of a physical SIM into an eSIM profile. Many telecom providers probably don't allow these functions yet, but Google is currently surprising half the tech world. A clear sign that the eSIM is becoming the new standard.

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eSIM.me_ Makes (almost) every smartphone eSIM-capable.png

Experience report Makes (almost) every smartphone eSIM-capable


Not all smartphones are ready for eSIM. Fortunately, there is a workaround with! The physical SIM card, together with an app, allows storing multiple eSIM profiles on its chip. This means that (almost) every smartphone is eSIM-capable, even if it only has a traditional SIM slot.

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Beitragsbild eSIM Features MM-4_edited.jpg

The Apple Watch Series 9 will be released tomorrow! - Digital Republic delivers the cheapest Watch SIM in Switzerland on time!


Apple disciples take note! Just in time for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9, Digital Republic has created the perfect connectivity for the new gadget. With the Digital Republic Watch SIM you can connect your new Apple Watch (or your old one) for an unbeatable 4 francs a month in Switzerland! No additional costs, minimum contract term or notice period. 5G included!

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IT Magazine.png

Digital Republic expands eSIM offering at competitive prices


Although the iPhone 15, despite all rumors, still relies on the physical SIM card in Europe, Digital Republic has continued to expand its eSIM offering. SWISS IT Magazine took a look at the new offer and published an article about it. The eSIM is here to stay. For this reason strong eSIM offerings are becoming increasingly important Differentiators in the mobile communications market.

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BILANZ insta Post.png

Digital Republic with double victory in Telecom rating


Media release - Digital Republic takes first place twice in the 2023 BILANZ Telecom rating! As the best mobile provider for private customers and business customers, Digital Republic as the number 1 eSIM provider leads the field, especially in terms of price, innovation and customer service!

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Pixel 8 eSIM.png

The Pixel 8 could appear without a SIM slot!


After Apple showed the way with the iPhone 14, Google is apparently following suit. According to current rumors from the industry, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will appear in the US without a SIM card slot. This would make the Pixel 8 the first Android smartphone from a major manufacturer to follow the trend and dispense with the physical SIM card. Pocket PC's Marcel Laser categorizes the rumors in an online article.

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iPhone 15 .png

The iPhone 15 is coming! - All known details


On September 13th, the new iPhone 15 lineup will be presented. The rumors about the elimination of the SIM card slot in favor of the eSIM are hardening and the new devices probably have quite a few other innovations to offer. The authors of have summarized the current state of knowledge about the upcoming new features and changes!

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eBike mit eSIM.png

A smart eBike with eSIM! The Urtopia Carbon 1


The eSIM can do much more than just cell phones! With the Urtopia Carbon 1 has entered the market with an eBike that, thanks to GPS and eSIM, is almost as smart as the smartphone in your pocket. Thanks to the appropriate app, the bike can not only be located at any time, but also offers seamless real-time driving data, navigation or music via a built-in speaker and a loud alarm as theft protection. The "techstage" team has thoroughly tested the smart bike.

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Beobachter Roaming Beitrag.png

Cheap data package options for the holidays


The summer holidays are just around the corner and just in time for the travel bug, Beobachter has published a guide article on the cheapest options for surfing the web and making phone calls in distant countries. Oliver Zadori from the comparison platform "Dschungelkompass" gives valuable insights in local SIM cards, eSIMs and much more! The perfect preparatory reading for frequent surfers with wanderlust!

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Drei Podcast.png

5G, eSIM and new smartphones: The future of mobile communications with Drei


What will the future of telephony look like? When will conventional SIM cards finally be obsolete? And what is the connection between mobile communications and the Metaverse? In the latest podcast episode of Trending Topics, Sabine Hiemetzberger and Christian Haspl from the mobile phone company Drei discuss these and other exciting questions. Sabine is Senior Head of Digital, Brands & Communication, while Christian is in charge of up3, Drei's eSIM solution.

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Reise eSIM Markt.png

Travel eSIM market will witness incredible growth by 2030


Research Cognizance recently published a new study in its database providing detailed market analysis and future prospects of Travel eSIM Market. This study is packed with important information that is extremely useful for managers, industry leaders and other decision makers. The study is designed to be easy to understand and self-analyze, with clear graphics and tables.

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Sustainable eSIM.png

Why the eSIM makes smartphones more sustainable


The eSIM not only makes connecting smartphones faster and easier, but also a whole lot more sustainable! In contrast to conventional SIM cards, the eSIM built into the device can be written to several times and there is no plastic waste. Even if the plastic content of a traditional SIM card seems small, the sheer volume of SIM cards in circulation makes for an environmental footprint that has been washed away. (Or maybe not!)

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iPhone eSIM news.png

iPhone 15's bold leap to eSIM-only - and what it means for MNOs and EPs


Apple's iPhone 15 could also be sold in Europe as an eSIM-only device. This innovation has far-reaching implications for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Electronic Payment Systems (EPS). In addition, eSIM technology could also have the potential to fundamentally change the way we use mobile connectivity and open up new opportunities for businesses and various industries. (article in English)

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eSIM-ch Newsfeed Visuals.png

How it works: Use eSIM when traveling abroad


Anyone who likes to travel to distant countries will know the problem: horrendous roaming charges and unfamiliar standards when selling mobile phone tariffs. Local SIM cards are a popular solution for staying connected cheaply, but who likes to grapple with contractual clauses and finding a suitable shop shortly after arrival? With the eSIM, the whole thing is much easier and even before you leave!

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Kids Smartwatch: Xplora X6 Play eSIM


It doesn't always have to be a smartphone. Young children in particular are quickly distracted or overwhelmed by a smartphone. Xplora has created a wearable with the X6 Play eSIM, which fulfills exactly these functions using eSIM, so that the parents can still be reached in the event of an emergency and the child can be located. Easy and intuitive to use, with programmable settings for school days, when the smartwatch can become just a watch to minimize distractions. The watch is available in Switzerland for just under 150 francs and works as a standalone device without a smartphone.

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Scania connects trucks with IoT platform and eSIMs.png

Scania connects trucks with IoT platform and eSIMs


The commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania, together with the Pod Group, is developing a connectivity platform-as-a-service concept for the first time, which is tailored to the needs of logistics. Using a software solution and eSIM that is as compatible as possible, it should later be possible to integrate various network operators into the system. The platform is intended to optimize fleet management and efficiency in supply chains, which promises major time and cost savings.

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Apple iPhone 15_ The eSIM revolution is coming to Europe!.png

Apple iPhone 15: the eSIM revolution is coming to Europe!


What has already taken place in the USA with the iPhone 14 should soon become reality in Europe too: an Apple smartphone without a physical SIM slot. According to a report from France, Apple is planning to launch an eSIM-only device in Europe. If you trust the source, the big switch to eSIM in Europe should probably take place at the latest when the iPhone 15 goes on sale in September of this year.

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iSIM instead of eSIM_ Qualcomm integrates SIM in SoC.png

iSIM instead of eSIM: Qualcomm integrates SIM into SoC


Presented last year in a Samsung smartphone as a proof of concept, already certified by the GSMA this year. Qualcomm is moving forward with an integrated SIM right in the processor. This eliminates the soldered eSIM chip and the footprint of the eSIM becomes even smaller (less than 1 square millimeter!). Great news for all manufacturers of particularly small devices and in the IoT space.

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How secure is the esim.png

How secure is the eSIM?


The classic SIM card will sooner or later be replaced by the eSIM. With every new technology, however, many people have questions about security. Is the data on the eSIM protected against hacking? How secure is the built-in chip compared to the traditional SIM card? Wirtschaftswoche put these questions to two industry insiders. You can find all the answers and more about eSIM security in the Wirtschaftswoche article.

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Telekom revolutionizes esim transfer.png

Telekom is revolutionizing eSIM transfer with Google


Together with developers from Google and the GSMA, Telekom has developed a new process for eSIM transfer. After Apple had already donated this function to its iPhones on its own, the Android platform is now following suit and at the same time developing a new industry standard. Owners of a Pixel 7 smartphone will benefit first. Further information on the development of the new transfer standard can be found directly in Telekom's media release.

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