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Bought an eSIM but don't have an eSIM-enabled phone. What now?

Have you bought an eSIM plan and now realize that your phone is not eSIM-capable? Don't worry, you are not alone in this situation. Despite its increasing popularity, eSIM is still a relatively new technology and not all smartphone manufacturers equip all of their devices with eSIM. Fortunately, eSIMs work according to the same logic as traditional SIM cards. Basically, you have two options in this situation:

1. Convert your eSIM into a physical SIM card

The easiest way is through your provider. In most cases, your mobile provider's customer service can transfer the eSIM you ordered to a physical SIM card and then send it to you. A processing fee may be charged for the conversion and shipping. You will usually receive the new SIM card within 1-2 days and can then use it as usual.

2. Make your phone eSIM-enabled

If you don't want to miss out on the benefits of eSIM and don't want to buy a new smartphone straight away, you can also upgrade your existing phone. The solution is called and allows you to save digital eSIM profiles on a physical rewritable SIM card. This option is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their existing smartphone and still use multiple eSIM profiles, for example for vacation.

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