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How do I find out if my phone is eSIM capable?

Not every smartphone is eSIM-capable and it often happens that people buy an eSIM without being able to use it on their phone. Manufacturers also do not always provide clear information about eSIM compatibility. Fortunately, you can find out directly on your smartphone whether it is an eSIM-capable device or not. You have two options:

1. Via the settings of your smartphone

Regardless of whether you use an iOS or Android device, you should find a menu item in your smartphone's settings that allows you to manage your SIM cards or mobile connection. If you find an option "Add mobile plan" (or similar) in these settings, chances are very good that your smartphone is an eSIM-enabled device. Most of the time, after tapping this option, you will find a reference to eSIM or a QR code. If these options are available, your smartphone is eSIM-enabled.

2. Via a telephone code

You can find out even faster and more reliably if you open the phone app on your smartphone, enter the code *#06# and then tap "Call". A window should appear that shows you technical information about your smartphone. If you find an "EID" (eSIM identification number) among this information, your smartphone is eSIM-capable.

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