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What are the advantages of the eSIM?

The eSIM initially makes things a lot easier for you as a user. You can register an eSIM-enabled device online with a provider in no time at all and you are online immediately without having to go to a shop or wait for a letter with your SIM card.  


You can also benefit from the eSIM abroad. Thanks to the super-fast and easy digital registration process, you can load local eSIM profiles onto your smartphone and are no longer dependent on roaming packages. This saves you money and you are usually even better connected!  


The easy and flexible registration, even multiple profiles on the same device, allows faster provider changes than ever before. You can also compare different eSIM providers directly on your smartphone without having to order several SIM cards and then constantly switch.   


The eSIM also delivers some powerful benefits for device manufacturers. By doing without a SIM card slot, smartphones and other devices can now be made more dustproof and waterproof than ever before.   


The space saved can be used for a larger memory or a larger battery. Basically a win-win situation for both users and manufacturers! 

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